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Telas Cerberon

Streamline your Operation: DevOps Can Help

Much has been said about agile models, but the concern with fully automating development flow and delivery has never been so strong. DevOps isn’t just about automation and tools, but a new organizational model which seeks greater integration between IT and business. All this while reducing cost, increasing speed and decreasing effort.

Cerberon DevOps

 Cerberon Performed +40,000 Deployments Last Year!

Main Feature: Our Expertise

Cerberon has many features, each designed with all the development lifecycle stages and software delivery in mind. Many of them were developed because we closely participate in the daily activities of our clients.

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Total Traceability

Traceability from the beginning to the end of the development and delivery process. Auditing logs, sources and deliverables are kept and organized in specific repositories for each query.

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Automation Made Simple

Not only is the tool ready to automate most existing technologies, but we can also help you with the customization of new technologies.

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Integration with Other Tools

Communicate with the main tools in the development cycle and delivery market, thus preserving investments which have already been made.

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Service Monitoring

View and monitor the processes and services of the business using one single dashboard. Anticipate and correct flaws before impact on user.

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Impact Predictability

Graphically foresee how each deployment configuration will impact each of the configuration items in your environment.

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24×7 Support

With an experienced staff knowledgeable in the most diverse market environments and segments. Placing our customers in the position of highest importance means that this type of operation is required.

These Are Just Some of the Features We Offer, There Are Others


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