AmBev is the largest consumer goods private industry in Brazil and the largest brewery in Latin America. A leader in the Brazilian beer market, the company has a presence in 14 countries, being a global reference in the areas of management, growth and profitability. With a growth strategy based on the principles of revenue management, AmBev continuously seeks the greatest efficiency and considers their collaborators and organizational culture to be their main advantage.


AmBev’s IT area, with around 40 direct collaborators, needed an effective solution which allowed them to control processes and system alterations, especially in their factory in Jaguariúna, inner São Paulo. Among the main demands of the project was the creation of a unique systems development flow for the whole company involving partners and collaborators and the implementation of a tool which ran Linux and allowed access control, function segregation, notifications and action logs. AmBev sought a solution which also conceived of system migration, training all of those involved, as well as the administration and support for the satisfying the international regulatory standards on Corporate Governance, such as Sarbanes Oxley (SOX).


Cerberon, from Gaea Consulting, was the technology chosen by AmBev. The decision was based on many factors, among which is the experience of Gaea’s staff when it comes to developing implantation on demand for the Management of Changes and the company’s capacity to meet all of AmBev’s demands – from the project design and training of a team made up of 290 users to maintenance and further support. With Gaea, AmBev now had the effective control of system alterations in all of its environment, with control over 2300 system interfaces for meeting the needs of SOX. No adjustment to the Cerberon platform was needed for AmBev to win the certificate in the area of Change Management without a problem. The execution of the project and pilot tests were completed in just two months. The migration period, for the 170 corporate systems implemented for AmBev, and of approximately 160,000 configuration items for the Software Configuration Management (SCM) tool, was a total of six months.


To AmBev, the innovative Cerebron platform contributed all of the fundamental concepts of software configuration management. With access to a central repository, the Beverage sector industry obtained a flow of natural approval and total control of the system and documentation alterations, as well as the automation of technical activities with standardized maintenance.

With Ceberon and full commitment by the Gaea team, AmBev obtained a reduction of 50% in system maintenance events and of 80% in emergency maintenance events in the IT area. The solution promoted maintenance transparency with total traceability, as well as the documentation compliance utilized in the methodology of system development and management of testimony for Sarbanex-Oxley.


  • Effective change control
  • 2300 interfaces for SOX
  • Implementation in just two months
  • 160,000 configuration items for SCM
  • Natural approval flow
  • Total control of changes
  • 50% reduction in system maintenance
  • 80% in emergency maintenance

Cerberon is incredibly simple to implement

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