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Knowing that DevOps is key for the transformation of the new IT, we offer Cerberon services as a bridge between traditional and agile models, simplifying the transaction.

Cerberon is a service offered by Gaea which aims to control the development and delivery of software in a single solution. The main idea is to automate, integrate and monitor part of the software development chain.

This service consists of support, operation and continuous monitoring by our analysts together with the use of our tools. We offer the tool as part of the service because we know that significant results depend not only on the qualification of the professionals, but also on their complete mastery of the necessary tools.

Since the whole idea is to simplify, the monitoring and service can be hired on a monthly basis, thus facilitating the beginning of the process.

Why Cerberon?

With our tool and our specialized team, we offer the most complete path to automate your company’s lifecycle of development and delivery.
All the changes will be monitored daily by our staff, helping to prevent future technical problems and adverse impacts.
With years of experience acquired, we bring this knowledge into your environment.

Key Benefits of the Service

cerberon-facilita-comunicacaoThe daily communication with internal teams for support, telecom, operations and quality allows us to acquire greater knowledge regarding the environment, facilitating the process of solving problems in infrastructure or applications. This helps prevent possible errors and adverse impacts.

Cerberon criação de scriptsOur team establishes a faster communication flow between the areas involved. The communication without intermediaries and with a more technical language improves the development and maintenance of automation scripts.

Cerberon customização dos agentesWe facilitate the compilation and deployment of new technologies adopted by the client, including the customization of our agents if necessary.

Transferimos conhecimento

We share the knowledge acquired among our clients, advising the management when it comes to risk situations and possible improvements.

Cerberon metricas e indicadores

We create metrics and indicators which help the areas of Infrastructure, Operations and Support show the efficiency of their activities related to the management and deployment of systems.

Cerberon projetos especiais

Projects with special features can be implemented in a quick and differentiated manner. These can be later officially adopted as the standard mode of the company.

Cerberon is incredibly simple to implement

Our monitoring along with our tool turns it much more agile and safe!